Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

So it's that time of year again.  The time to make some promises to yourself and TRY to keep them.  I always make an effort to make realistic, attainable resolutions to help me stick to them.  By blogging about them, I'm hoping to employ my extended family and friends as "resolution sponsors" to help keep me accountable.  So, here they are:

1. Establish a more consistent routine for Ledger.  This includes a more consistent feeding, pre-bed routine, and bed TIME.  This is a toughie for me (and for Chris) because we often try to squeeze in our errands after work, which results in Ledger falling asleep in his car seat.  I'm not saying that isn't ever going to happen, but I definitely want to minimize it.

2. Meal plan and do Once-A-Month Cooking for 3 consecutive months.   I have followed several mom bloggers that have successfully used OAMC methods to help their household run smoothly.  Chris is great at getting things in the oven so that dinner is ready when I get home... but only if I have them prepped before-hand.

3. Organize the baby storage -- specifically the storage of Ledger's baby clothes into vacuum packed baggies with the age range clearly marked on them.

4. Clean out my own closet and send old, too-small, or unworn clothes to the Goodwill.  Be realistic about it.  My closet should be pared down by nearly HALF!

5. RUN the River Festival 2 mile race.  Honestly, Chris and I would both like to start running again.  We both lose weight best when we are running.  Our ultimate goal is to run the Disney Half Marathon in January 2011 -- but it's hard to say how realistic that goal is.  So we'll start with a mid-way goal of running the 2 mile race and I sincerely hope that we exceed that goal by running the 5 mile race instead.  I'm hoping that after the River Festival, we will make it a goal to run a 5 mile race by the end of summer or run the McPherson Triathlon with my family in August.

Well, what are your goals for 2010?