Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day weekend

Our memorial day weekend started with a very windy Saturday.  We went on a short boat ride -- Locke's FIRST BOAT RIDE -- and then fished and swam off the dock.  It was Ledger's first time fishing.  He got pretty bored with it when we didn't catch any fish.  I have to admit, I was hoping to get that classic little-kid-with-a-fish-on-their-pole picture -- but we didn't catch a thing!   However, he did love swimming with his cousins.  Doodah even jumped into the lake fully dressed (with his phone still in his pocket --- whoops!).  On Saturday afternoon, we went down to the beach to swim with our cousins and enjoy the sun!
Olivia helping Ledger fish.

Olivia holding Locke on his first boat ride.

Ledger loves to drive the boat.
At the beach.

On Sunday, we were happy to get to spend some time with the Perkins family.  The grown-ups got in some fun gaming time while Ledger and the kids played in the baby pool.  It was too windy to spend much time on the boat, but we did take Kinley out for her first boat ride!
Can't believe her eyes were closed.  DARN!

Kinley's first boat ride.

Cousins swimming...
Kinley is not sure about the pool at first...
... but then she started loving it!
On Monday, the wind finally died down and we were able to take the boat out onto the lake and park for some fun swimming time!  I love spending time together in the water -- although I didn't actually get to get out of the boat because I was on baby duty.  Locke and I had fun hanging out together and watching our family play.
Kinley's first dip in the lake.

Ledger, Josh, and Chris skipping rocks.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012

Locke's First Shots

On Wednesday, Locke had his 2 month check-up with Dr. Bridge.  He weighed in at 12 lb. 15 oz. (75th percentile) and 22 and 3/4 inches in height (50th percentile).  Interestingly, Ledger was 1 pound less but 1 inch taller at his 2 month appointment -- that means Locke is shorter and stouter. :)  He had three shots and 1 oral vaccine .  As if his three vaccines weren't enough, he jerked his leg after the first one and it resulted in a 2" long needle scratch on his little thigh.  He screamed through the whole thing, of course.  And then, he cried and fussed all afternoon.  He was even too fussy to take a bottle or breastfeed.  Later in the afternoon, we were finally able to get some Tylenol in him and he relaxed enough to sleep.  Poor little guy.  And poor Daddy -- hearing his baby cry and not being able to make him feel better was really difficult for him.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


This weekend, we made an impromptu trip to Kansas City to see the Batman Tumbler and Batpod on it's cross-country tour.  They are bringing out the actual, working movie props to promote the July 20th release of Batman: Dark Knight Rises.  (And, yes, I'm sure we'll be seeing that one at a midnight premier.)  In all of my dorky-mom glory, I dressed my boys up in their best Batman gear for the event. :)  As expected, we were not the only dorks in attendance.  Actually, the event was very well attended.  And even I was impressed with the sheer SIZE of the Tumbler.  We took a lot of pictures with the Tumbler and then decided to come back later in the day to watch them drive the Tumbler back onto the truck trailer.  Now... I have to admit that I was a little reluctant to come back to the event just to see a car move -- but it turned out to be really cool.  It has the loud, roaring engine you would expect and then a wimpy little horn (beep, beep).  :)  I have a video on my phone which I will try to upload soon.  Anyways, here are my pictures of Batmania weekend...

To prove that I was there too...

TOUCHING the huge Tumbler tires -- just before security shooed us away! 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Locke: 2 Months Old

Today Locke is 2 months old.  It has been a very busy month!

Locke has:
  • Been baptized -- His Godparents are Emily Perkins and Jaime Vanderbeck.
  • Traveled to Kansas City to visit the Perkins' and tour the zoo and aquarium.
  • Began his training as a future KSU Wildcat at the KSU Salina Open House.
  • Taken his first bottle of breast milk.  It took a couple of tries, but he is adapting well to taking a bottle when needed.  Somehow, I didn't get a picture of this. :(
  • Started smiling when entertained -- not just gas smiles!  He has a great full smile, but his little half-smirk makes Mommy laugh!
  • Taken very well to spending his days with Grandma Darlene since Mommy had to go back to work on May 7th.  Grandma Darlene makes sure she gives him little exercises every day and has taught him how to stick his tongue out when someone sticks their tongue out at him!
  • Finally gotten rid of his baby acne!  Now his chubby little cheeks are smooth and squeezable.
  • Gotten BIG -- his last (unofficial) weigh-in was just over 12 pounds!
Everyday, Locke is doing something new and special.  We love watching him grow and seeing his little personality develop.
Tight smile.

Big smile.

Tongue out!


If you're two months old, raise your hand.

Locke and his cousin, Kinley, are exactly 4 months apart -- so we did Kinley's "chalk" photo session at the same time.   Look at her smile!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Grandma Darlene

We have been blessed, again, to have been able to talk Grandma Darlene out of retirement to take care of Locke over the last two weeks.  (Special thanks to Grammie Pam who managed to arrange this for us!)  I have been back to work during that time and it is a relief to know that someone who is both experienced and loving is at home with my baby.  I love the way she talks to him -- not like a baby, but like a little person.  Whenever he cries, she seems to know exactly why he's crying and is always patient and calm until he settles back down.  Personally, I have also enjoyed getting to spend my lunch hours chatting with her about life.  Today was our last day with Darlene because it is Chris' last day of school and next week he will be home doing full-time Daddy Duty!  We are going to miss her so much!

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Seriously the cutest thing ever.  
Ledger is always wanting Locke to lay in bed with him so that they can share a blankie and "cuddle together" .

I started back to work on May 7th, the day after Ledger's birthday party/Locke's baptism weekend.  I have been busily trying to balance work and home so please bear with me while I catch up with blog posts soon!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Locke's Baptism

Locke Steven Michel was baptized on May 6th, 2012 at Immanuel Lutheran Church with Pastor Kent Happel.  His sponsors were Jaime Vanderbeck and Emily Perkins.  Locke slept through his entire ceremony - including the actual baptism.  We were very blessed to have a lot of family and friends join us for the celebration.  Congratulations Locke!