Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day weekend

Our memorial day weekend started with a very windy Saturday.  We went on a short boat ride -- Locke's FIRST BOAT RIDE -- and then fished and swam off the dock.  It was Ledger's first time fishing.  He got pretty bored with it when we didn't catch any fish.  I have to admit, I was hoping to get that classic little-kid-with-a-fish-on-their-pole picture -- but we didn't catch a thing!   However, he did love swimming with his cousins.  Doodah even jumped into the lake fully dressed (with his phone still in his pocket --- whoops!).  On Saturday afternoon, we went down to the beach to swim with our cousins and enjoy the sun!
Olivia helping Ledger fish.

Olivia holding Locke on his first boat ride.

Ledger loves to drive the boat.
At the beach.

On Sunday, we were happy to get to spend some time with the Perkins family.  The grown-ups got in some fun gaming time while Ledger and the kids played in the baby pool.  It was too windy to spend much time on the boat, but we did take Kinley out for her first boat ride!
Can't believe her eyes were closed.  DARN!

Kinley's first boat ride.

Cousins swimming...
Kinley is not sure about the pool at first...
... but then she started loving it!
On Monday, the wind finally died down and we were able to take the boat out onto the lake and park for some fun swimming time!  I love spending time together in the water -- although I didn't actually get to get out of the boat because I was on baby duty.  Locke and I had fun hanging out together and watching our family play.
Kinley's first dip in the lake.

Ledger, Josh, and Chris skipping rocks.

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