Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ledger turns THREE

Ledger James Michel turned THREE years old this weekend.  To celebrate, planned a pretty sweet PIRATE-themed party.  Chris was able to gather a lot of decor from his Neverland-themed classroom, so our house looked pretty great "in costume".  In preparation for the party, I spent a lot of time surfing Pinterest for fun party ideas.  I ended up baking and decorating two cakes -- a pirate and a pirate ship.  I am clearly not a fantastic decorator, but I'm still pretty happy with how these cakes turned out.  (AND they were yummy, too!)  But in the few days leading up to Ledger's birthday, he was busy telling anyone that would listen about his pirate party and the cupcakes we were going to have.  So I felt inclined to bake cupcakes too.  I decorated those with marshmallow pirates and we shared those especially with Ledger's child care family.
Mommy's little helper...

Ledger and Daddy licking the mixers!

On the BIG DAY, we gathered our family to celebrate.  We had cake and ice cream and opened presents.  Ledger was especially excited by his fishing pole, a ride on digger tractor, boxing gloves, and his grand finale gift... a John Deere Gator power wheels!  After opening gifts, everyone had a whack at the pirate pinata until it was finally cracked open and Ledger loaded all of the candy into the back of his new Gator to deliver it to his family.

We ended a very busy day by celebrating Cinco de Mayo with some Dos Equis and margaritas at Carlos O'Kelly's.  (yum!)  I guess this is just one of the life-long benefits that Ledger will enjoy by being born on May 5th!

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  1. Happy Birthday Sweet Ledger! We have some goodies for you if Auntie can get her act together and in the mail. ha Wish we could have been at your cool pirate party. Awesome job on the cakes! Gotta love Pinterest.

  2. That was one special birthday party! You did a GREAT job on the cakes and cupcakes, KJ. Ledger was so cool ~ he did a great job of being a pirate and opening his gifts. Yea, Ledger. We love you so much!