Saturday, May 19, 2012

Grandma Darlene

We have been blessed, again, to have been able to talk Grandma Darlene out of retirement to take care of Locke over the last two weeks.  (Special thanks to Grammie Pam who managed to arrange this for us!)  I have been back to work during that time and it is a relief to know that someone who is both experienced and loving is at home with my baby.  I love the way she talks to him -- not like a baby, but like a little person.  Whenever he cries, she seems to know exactly why he's crying and is always patient and calm until he settles back down.  Personally, I have also enjoyed getting to spend my lunch hours chatting with her about life.  Today was our last day with Darlene because it is Chris' last day of school and next week he will be home doing full-time Daddy Duty!  We are going to miss her so much!

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  1. We are so very thankful that Grandma Darlene was able to take care of Locke until Christopher was finished with school. She is one special lady! We never worry about the boys when we know Darlene is watching over them. :)