Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Locke Walks!

Today, Locke is 14 months old and he is finally starting to take some steps on his own!  He loves to push around everything in the house: chairs, toys, tables, whatever.  He's strong and walks very well as long as he has one hand on something.  But with a little cajoling, we are forcing him to take a few steps on his own.  Here's a good video of Daddy bribing him with oyster crackers. (Funny fact: Ledger was bribed with oyster crackers to walk too.  Our babies love oyster crackers. ?)

He's also doing lots of other fun things.  He has picked up the baby sign for "more" and we're working on "please", "water", and "milk".  He's a pretty sweet baby, but he gets frustrated by his lack of communication. When he wants something or someone, he points at it and if he hears NO, he screams.  He sure has a little temper.  But he can also be sweet as pie!  The whole room lights up when he smiles or laughs.  And he loves to give big, sloppy, open mouth kisses...

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ledger's 4th birthday

Today was Ledger's 4th birthday.  I can't believe how fast time has flown.  Everyday this kid makes me smile, laugh, and thank God for blessing us with such an amazing kid.

We had a very big weekend of celebrations.  Boom Ma and Boom Pa, Emmy and Josh, Oma and Doodah all came over on Saturday morning to help us build Ledger's present... A big swing set!  (Actually, this is a combo gift for both kids from all three sets of grandparents plus us.)  Everyone worked all day on Saturday in the unusually cold weather and got it mostly complete before the party that night.

We meet Grammie and Papa for dinner at Carlos O'Kellys where Chris and Josh took the cinco de mayo "El Guapo" challenge.  They stuffed 5 spicy enchiladas and 1 taco into their mouths in 10 minutes!  They were miserable.  For his birthday, Ledger got to wear a sombrero and eat fried ice cream, of course!

After dinner, we all came back to the house for a special party. We had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party!  ledger got lots of great present including a full set of skates and a knight armor set!  He loved his turtle cake and decorations. :)

On Sunday, we woke up early and got back to work on the swing set.  By 2 o'clock it was finally finished. The boys loved playing on it!  We are so thankful that our family could help us build it... We would have never gotten it done without them.

Ledger had another birthday dinner with the Michels on Sunday evening.  By the time we got home, he was exhausted and fell asleep while I was running his bath!!  He was partied out!!