Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We're Moving!!

After 2 and 1/2 (looong) months on the market, our house has finally sold!  Yipee!!  We are selling to a nice couple from Garden City who fell in love with the house as soon as they saw it.  We are sincerely going to miss this home -- especially the convenient, open space layout.  Both of our sons were born while we lived in this house and we have had plenty of memorable milestone experiences here on Meadowbrook.

However, we are excited to be moving on.  We found an amazing home that meets all of my stringent requirements including an amazing location in the Stewart school district only blocks away from where I grew up.  Basically, it's 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms with a huge bonus room, office, amazing open basement living space, and plenty of storage.  The kitchen has cherry wood cabinets with soft-close drawers and granite counter tops.  My husband's favorite feature is the beautiful stone fireplace that extends all the way to the top of the vaulted ceilings in the living room.  I'm putting a few pictures here on the blog as a preview. :)  

We are still in the final phases of closing the deal and will be planning to move on the 6th of July.  There are still a few hurdles to jump, not the least of which is the finding of elevated radon levels in our Meadowbrook house.  That will require the professional installation of a radon mitigation system at the cost of $850!  Ah well... that is the cost of moving, it seems.  In the mean time, there is plenty to pack up and we are preparing for a massive garage sale to sell anything that we don't want to move.

Living room with Fireplace


Basement living room



  1. Congratulations!! Looks like a great house. $850 is actually cheap for radon fix. Ours was $1800 when we sold our house in Kansas. Good luck on your garage sale.

  2. As you know, we LOVE the new home ~ but we will miss the Meadowbrook home, too. We are thankful that you have found your "dream" home and that soon you will be living there. Congrats!