Friday, June 22, 2012

Colorado Vacation 2012 - Garden of the Gods

On Thursday, we spent the morning at Garden of the Gods.  We met up with Kim, Connor, and Pat for a hike up to our favorite rock formation: Siamese Twin rock.  The hike is easy enough for the kids to do on their own and takes us up to a really tall red set of "twin" red rocks that forms a perfect picture window that frames Pike's Peak in the background.  Chris and I hiked up there in 2007 (pre-kids) and were looking forward to going again with Ledger.  

Us in 2007. Someday soon I'm going to look this skinny again!

Ledger had a great time hiking with Connor.  He is MISTER independent... sometimes.  We packed Locke up in Kim's hiking pack.  We've used the pack before with Ledger and love how convenient it is.  Unfortunately, Locke was still just a little to young to use this correctly.  He would fall asleep and his little head would just bow down since there isn't head support for little babies.  It took a little finagling, but we figured out how to put him in it sideways to keep him upright and still make it easy to hike.  We had such a great time on our little adventure that we wanted Pam and Steve to try to get up to the formation too.  Despite a double knee replacement and not feeling particularly great that day, Pam hiked right on up to the formation and we were able to get family pictures up there!  It was really fun.  Unfortunately, Ledger fell and scraped his elbow on our way up the second time and after that he didn't want to walk any more.  So I carried Locke in the pack in my back and Ledger in my arms.  Exhausting? Yes.  A great work out?  Heck yeah! :)  
Ledger leads the pack up the trail.

Connor helping Ledger up the big rocks.

Locke was holding on for dear life...

Mommy and Locke taking a little break.

Mommy with a full load of kid.

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  1. Wasn't that a wonderful day? Oh, what memories! And I'm so thankful that you guys really kind of "pushed" me to try that hike. I'm so glad that I did! It was so great doing something with most of the family. :)