Sunday, June 10, 2012

River Festival 2012

Another Smoky Hill River Festival has come and gone.  We had an amazing weekend of fun and perfect weather!  Chris and I spent the week leading up to River Fest searching around Salina for the Festival Medallion.  It was a great, fun, mind-bending search and the medallion wasn't found until Wednesday morning.  We were actually right there where it was found but just not looking close enough.  DANG!!  Maybe next year!
The whole Michel family out looking for the medallion.
This picture was taken about 5 yards from where the medallion was finally found... but not by us!
We went out to the Festival Jam on Thursday night and visited with friends.  Uncle Jarrod and aunt Briana were there and took their picture with the kids.  It's becoming a bit of a tradition...

Emily and Kinley came in late on Thursday and spent Festival weekend at our house.  That really made this year so much more fun for me -- rarely do we get to have Emily and Kinley stay at our house! :)  Ledger just loves Kinley and it's pretty fun to put Kinley and Locke together to see the differences 4 months makes!
All three kids having some tummy time.  Hmm... More like FACE time. :)

Another developing tradition is our family's participation in the River Festival Run on Saturday morning.  This year, I was particularly proud of my husband for RUNNING the 2 mile race along with my Mom, Tracy, Olivia, and Isaac.  Chris and Mom finished with a respectable time of 23 minutes!  Our entire family, including Emily, Buddy, and me, walked in the 2 mile family fun walk.  Ledger ran the 50-yard-dash race with his cousin Gavin (who was able to run in the 3-year-old race because he didn't turn 4 until the next day!).  I was especially proud that Ledger ran from the starting line to the finish line all by himself.  He had some coaching from his Doodah about looking straight ahead and pumping his arms and he did fantastic!
After the 2 mile race -- I was so proud of my husband!

Ledger posing with his blue ribbon.

Racer friends -- Gavin and Ledger
Saturday was a pretty warm day at the festival.  Poor Kinley started getting really fussy and upset Saturday evening and Emily took her to StatCare only to find out that she had a DOUBLE ear infection!  Poor kid.  So our Saturday evening was cut a little short, but we were all tired and the Michel family were preparing to leave for Colorado on Sunday morning.  All-in-all, it was another FANTASTIC festival weekend.

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