Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ledger's First Dentist Visit

Yesterday, Ledger had his first dentist appointment.  We scheduled it at the same time as Daddy's bi-annual visit, so Daddy had to pretend to like going to the dentist to keep Ledger from being afraid.  I was worried that the noises would overwhelm him and he would act afraid, but NOT AT ALL.  He walked back to the exam room.  The hygenist counted his teeth and did a basic exam and he did great.  The hygenist looked at me and explained that on a first visit, that's all they typically do in order to take it slow with kids, but since he was doing so good, maybe we should try to polish.  I agreed and so she showed Ledger the polisher and let him touch it with his fingers and when she asked if he could polish his teeth, he said "Sure."  So she polished all of his teeth.  He liked using the water-gun and suction tube to rinse his mouth out.  Finally, Dr. Wells came in and looked at Ledger's teeth.  He proclaimed them to be fine teeth and we were done!  Ledger got a balloon on a stick and a toy from the toy box, so he was pretty happy. :)  I was so proud of Ledger.  He did better than expected, which is always his way.  Now I guess we'll see how he does at his next check-up in 6 months!


  1. Yay Ledger! All my boys love the dentist too. Brogan loved being a big boy and getting his teeth done.

  2. He did such a great job ~ much better than his Grammie does! Way to go, Ledger James! We are so proud of you!