Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve this year, we had our Michel family Christmas celebration.  Ledger had another great Christmas and had a mountain of presents to open.  His favorite gift, BY FAR, was a kid version of a vacuum that makes vacuum-like noises.  We made the mistake of letting him open that gift first, so he happily spent most of our family Christmas vacuuming the room and only took a few seconds' break to rip paper off of his next present.  :-)  Daddy got a laptop, which he was very excited for.  His laptop has been out of commission for more than two weeks!  Mommy got a video camera that works underwater and a nice pair of jeans.  Uncle Chris V. got some cowboy boots and aunt Jaime got two different types of vacuum. :)  Grammie scored some beautiful jewelry and Grandpa got a stack of puzzles and gift certificates.  As always, we finished with the Michel family scavenger hunt -- we look forward to it every year!  For the second year, we had our family dinner at Red Lobster.... yum!!


  1. Send Ledger to my house to vacuum! :) so cute. The boys love sitting and sucking up each other with the vacuum, but wont actually vacuum up their mess for me.

  2. We made some happy memories! :)