Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Look for the Lining

This has not been a banner week for the Michel family.  Starting last Friday, Chris accidentally backed his car into my car.  Then our dishwasher started over heating and had to be completely unplugged to avoid a fire hazard.  On Monday, a day of record-breaking heat, our air conditioner was declared dead beyond repair and required total replacement.  We also got our lawn mower back after four weeks in the shop and the bill was about double what we were originally expecting.  And I cried, but comforted myself with the thought that the bad stuff has to be over with.  But tonight we found out that the storage shed at the lake was broken into and our wakeboards were stolen.

So instead of focusing on the negative, I find myself looking for the silver lining.  And, you know what, it's there.  On the hottest day of the spring, we managed to get a reliable air conditioning company to come out and install a new a/c unit within 24 hours.  Our riding lawn mower is in working order... finally!  We have an amazing family support system that has rallied around us to help us out as we have needed.  Sometimes I need to just step back and get a little perspective.  Stuff happens, and all I can do is go with it.

Our family is healthy and happy and loved and truly blessed.


  1. You are one very intelligent lady ~ and things will definitely get better. I am proud of you for looking for that "silver lining", as it is there. We'll help out in any way that we can. Love you!

  2. Exactly. Your all healthy and you have a wonderful family so don't stress. this too shall pass. These are all fixable, replacable things. Reminds me however of when my sewer collapsed and heater all went out at the same time while Jeremy was in Iraq. Took us a good chunk of Jeremy's deployment hazard pay to pay those off but we did in time. Now I'm needing To see the Michel's. More blogs, more blogs, more blogs!!!!!