Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bird Brain

For the last month, we have been preparing for the possibility of adopting a blue and gold macaw.  Yesterday, that became a reality when we brought home Topaz...
We are trying to take things slow and allowing him to acclimate to all of the changes.  He seems to be adapting to the other pets pretty well.  Tonight, we gave him some out-of-cage time in the living room.  He was especially interested in Ledger and said "hello" to him and danced for him.  He rocks from side-to-side and says "rock-and-roll".  Ledger shared his banana with his new friend.

Right now, we are still figuring out how to live together. :)  So far, things are going pretty well.  Let's hope that it stays that way!


  1. Did Ledger dance too? Topaz is gorgeous and I can't wait to meet him! Love you guys, Boomma

  2. It was fun to watch Ledger watch Topaz! :) He's a beautiful bird and very lucky to be in such a good home. Hope he can adjust quickly!