Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Locke: 8 Months

Can you believe that Locke is 8 months old already?  I can't!  He just keeps getting bigger and seems like he grows every day.
  • Locke is still definitely a Mama's boy -- if I'm in the room, he wants to be with me.  
  • He is starting to develop a little personality and a hilarious little temper.  Whenever a toy or something he wants is taken from him, he has a very angry scream.  If you talk to him or make him laugh, he does a full body bounce with arms and legs waving and a big smile on his face that is impossible to resist.  He can often be found flirting with whoever is nearby.  
  • Locke is still primarily breastfeeding but he is taking more and more table food -- whatever we're eating, he eats a little bit of it too.  He doesn't really like baby foods though and prefers to feed himself with his hands.  He is SO fast and will snag food off of your plate and quickly shove it into his own mouth.  Which results in a lot of choking.  He chokes just about every meal.  Everyone around us panics, but we calmly pat his back and fish-hook the offending bit of food out of his throat.  It's becoming a routine (and I will be glad when that routine is over!).
  • He wants to be standing as much as possible and is working very hard to try to pull himself up... but he hasn't succeeded yet.  
  • We've pretty much given up on any clothes smaller than 12 months size because this kid is just so big!!  
  • In the last month, he has decided that he finally likes bath time and loves to play in the water with his brother. 
  • Right now, Locke doesn't typically sleep longer than 2-3 hours at night.  He wakes up angry, nurses for a minute and then goes back to sleep.  Sometimes he really fights going back to sleep, which makes for an exhausting night.  I keep telling myself that we're going to move him out of our bedroom and into his own bedroom (which we finally fixed up), but that just hasn't happened yet.
  • Locke's favorite toy right now is a straw.  Any drinking straw will usually calm him right down and keep him occupied for quite some time.
I have been pretty awful about taking pictures this month, but here is what we've got...

I like my crib... unless you want me to sleep in here!

His room is cleaned up and ready to be slept in.  Any day now...

I like this blankie... it's warm and purrs.....

Mohawk! :)

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  1. That's one adorable kid! And, he's MY grandson. :) Love you little Locke!