Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Locke: 11 Months

I can't believe Locke is already 11 months old.  In the last month, we've seen a lot of "growing up" from our little baby.

  • Locke is wearing 12-18 month clothes.  No idea how much he's weighing in at, but we can tell that his face is thinning up a little bit as he moves around more.
  • Locke is clapping, waving, and high five-ing.  His hands are always moving!
  • Locke is crawling up the stairs.  Yes, this makes things more complicated.
  • He isn't walking yet, but will occasionally stand unsupported for a few seconds.  
  • Locke is making word sounds.  I think that "Bye, Bye" is his first word.  He has also said "Clap, Clap" when prompted.  He is interested in the dogs and is making the "d" sound too.
  • Over the last month, we have been weaning Locke off of breast milk.  He is just eating so much that it was out-stripping my production.  He still breastfeeds in the morning and at night, but during the day he is now taking formula bottles.  He handled the transition without any problems. Of course.


  1. Wow ~ that's really special ~ the whole family involved watching Locke's accomplishment. Way to go, little Locke! :)

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