Monday, June 17, 2013

Memorial Day and River Festival

This year, we celebrated Memorial Day at Lake Kanopolis with the Hensley and Guy families.  The water level was still too low to get a boat into the water, so we spent our time playing at the beach and in the kiddie pool as a family.  Ledger enjoyed spending time with his cousins Jonas and Faith.  The kids tried to fish a few times but never caught anything.  On Monday, we had a family fish fry followed by a Memorial Day family walk.

Ledger got tired of riding his bike, so his brother pushed!

The beginning of June is always River Festival fun.  We spent two weeks searching for the Festival medallion, but once again, we weren't successful.  It's always a fun search though.  We really enjoyed spending the Festival with the Perkins, Guy, and Hensley families.  In sticking with tradition, we participated in the Festival Five Races. Uncle Josh ran the 5 mile but the rest of us walked the 2 mile route.  Then the kids ran their races.  Again, we were very proud of Ledger who ran the whole race and had a great time.  He finished 5th in his age group.  Ronan also ran in the 4 year old race and we were proud that he ran the whole race too!  Kinley did great in her age group.  She was ahead of the pack by 20+ feet but then the cheering crowd made her nervous and she turned around and ran in the wrong direction!  LOL. The crowd thought it was hilarious.  She ended up in third.

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  1. That was a great weekend. Glad that the weather was so nice.