Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hello from Sick Bay

This week, Ledger got sick on Tuesday night and was up all night throwing up mucus.  It was a pretty long night, but the kid is a trooper.  He never ran a fever, so we suspect that he was swallowing all of his recent sinus drainage and that's what was coming up.  He was tired and a little lethargic all day Wednesday, but generally in OK spirits.  I had to leave work in the afternoon because I started feeling nauseous too.  Poor Daddy had to stay home from work to take care of TWO sickies.  Ledger ate pretty well Wednesday night and we thought we were in the clear, until he threw it all up about an hour later.  So we took a late evening trip to Stat Care.  The doctor was not worried about Ledger -- said he was hydrated and we'd just have to let things run their course.  So Chris and Ledger stayed home again on Thursday.  I went back to work, but still felt "blah" all day long.  By Friday, we were all back at work and child care.  Today (Saturday) we are all doing fine.  My appetite has finally returned and Ledger is back to being a crazy ornery little boy.

So please excuse our absence from the blogosphere.  We even have a note from the doctor...


  1. Thanks for the update! Was wondering how it was all going.

  2. Thank goodness you're all feeling "back to normal". Hope it continues! Love you!