Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

This was really the first year that Ledger understood some of what is going on around him and is ready to dress up and "trick-or-treat".  OK, he's not really ready to trick-or-treat yet, but we're taking him anyway!  This year, he dressed like a LION.  The costume is really adorable, but he wasn't crazy about the hood/mane.  :)

On Friday, downtown Salina has a trick-or-treating event.  It has been pretty popular in the past, so we were looking forward to it.  It was packed with kids!  Ledger was a little overwhelmed, but interested in the costumes and all of the people.  Aunt Jaime went with us too!

And after all of that trick-or-treating, we decided Ledger deserved a treat...

He LOVED the sucker -- as you can tell from his blue lips and the empty sucker stick.  This is really one of the first pieces of candy he's ever had!

Well, it wouldn't be Halloween if I didn't share some pictures of my other child -- CHRIS! :)  As most of you know, he LOVES dressing up for Halloween.  In order to maintain my relative sanity, we have made a deal that if he does an elaborate costume one year, he has to do a less-expensive costume the next year.  Since he definitely went elaborate last year, this year he chose a more low-key costume.  He and his friend Damon dressed as Mario and Luigi.  He even managed to talk other teachers at his school into dressing up as Super Mario Bros. characters -- there was a princess, toad, and even a few "question mark" boxes. :)

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  1. Too Funny! Jonas was a lion for his first Halloween. Where is your costume? What are you dressing up as this year?