Monday, November 1, 2010


Chris and I had previously decided that we weren't going to drag Ledger out for trick-or-treating.  But we had a few requests to visit aunt Lynnda and the Simpsons, so we put ledger back into his lion costume and went out on the town.  He quickly became the "cowardly" lion because he was acting very bashful for some reason.  We decided to stop at the Daily's house on Santa Fe street because they usually go ALL OUT for Halloween and pop popcorn to give away.  (You know me, I couldn't turn down popcorn!)  They had a full graveyard and some awesome inflatables -- Ledger loved it and it helped bring him out of his bashful shell.  Since he was finally having fun, we decided to go door-to-door on Santa Fe street.  There were hundreds of costumed kids out with their families.  It was so fun for us to see that traditional trick-or-treating is still alive and well.  Ledger had a great time, and so did we! :)  Happy Halloween!!


  1. What fun! We would have loved to see Ledger at our door! I made some yummy popcorn balls on favorite fall snack! Love you Ledger the Lion!

  2. I just love Halloween! What an adorable Lion. Our boys went pretty far this year for houses, but I think they had way more fun handing out candy. Gunner, Jonas and Ronan would wait by the door while Jonas handed out the candy and said "wow, neat costume" Oh and they ate a TON of candy and didn't go to bed until midnight, but oh well. Only once a year. Can't wait to live closer so we can see what everyone is going to be next year on the BIG year :) love and miss you!