Sunday, November 7, 2010

18 Months and ALL Boy

Friday was Ledger's 18 month birthday.  We had a busy weekend and didn't have a chance to have a "photo session", but hopefully we'll be able to do it soon.  This weekend we visited the Vanderbecks in Pittsburg.  Ledger hadn't seen his Uncle Chris V. since June when we went to Colorado!  We didn't do a very good job of taking pictures while we were there.  On Saturday we went to a Pitt State football game.  The football team isn't having a very good year, but it's a neat atmosphere.  Ledger enjoyed getting to watch "Gus" the gorilla mascot and even had his 15 seconds of fame on the jumbo-tron!

The rest of the weekend, we just enjoyed spending time together.  On Sunday morning, we all woke up and lounged around the house for the morning.  We were able to discover the truly destructive nature of an 18-month-old BOY when he is set loose in a non-baby-proofed house.  He also managed to scrape his face on a drawer that he pulled open in the kitchen -- Go figure.  Notice the havoc in the kitchen behind him and the garage sale sticker on his forehead.

When we got home, Chris had received a large package from UPS.  Ledger was very excited about the box.  So was the cat.

Oh... and I took this next picture just before he bit me hard enough to leave a mark in my leg.

Yup, it's official.  He's a BOY!


  1. I love the box built for two photo! Glad you had a great visit!

  2. Grandpa and Grammie are laughing loudly ~ except for the part about him biting! That's a big no~no! Glad that you had a good weekend ~ wish we could have been there, too. Love you! And Grandpa said he carried that box in so that Ledger and Cooper could play! :)