Saturday, November 20, 2010

Parade of Lights

This weekend, we met up with Shawn and the Simpsons for some fun.  The holidays are always so busy, so it's nice when we can get together before things get crazy.  We decided to meet for dinner and then head to the Parade of Lights in downtown Salina.  We tried this last year, but we were pretty unprepared.  This year, we met for dinner at Martinelli's and had great seats for some of the street performances prior to the parade.  We had a great time at the parade this year -- we were prepared with lots of warm clothes and had much better seats.  Oh, and Ledger was able to actually enjoy the parade -- every time he saw a truck or Christmas lights he clapped and smiled and made his excited, OH! face.  It was so fun to watch him be excited.

After the festivities, we all met up back at home to play some games.  For some reason, Jarod and Briana don't think they can come to our house without being put to work on a project!  While I was putting Ledger to sleep, they tackled the lights that are out on our pre-lit Christmas tree... which made for a funny picture.


  1. Can we look forward to you blogging the "Count down to Christmas" or the "12 Days of Christmas"? Hope so! We love Ledger's "Oh" face! And we are thankful that you have such a happy life! Love you guys!

  2. Loved the pics of Ledger showing his excitement. And thanks to Jarod and Brianna for helping to fix the lights. That picture is a keeper! :)