Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday with Friends

On Saturday, we had Jarod, Briana, and Shawn over for the afternoon.  Jarod got ahold of a really tall ladder and the boys got our Christmas lights up for the year... even up on our high peak!  We are so fortunate to have great friends who are always willing to lend us a hand.

It is really fun to see how much all of the boys LOVE Ledger.  Since all of Ledger's aunts and uncles live far away, we are so happy that we have local "aunts and uncles" that all love him too.  I think this photo of all of the boys leaning over Ledger's crib to entertain him is just too cute.  You can't see it in the photo, but Ledger has a big smile on his face!

Somehow, I convinced our friends to go to the Salina "Parade of Lights" in downtown Salina for Ledger's first parade!  Unfortunately, the parade took a long time to get to us and it started getting really cold!  (Notice in the pictures below that silly Daddy is wearing shorts!)  After about an hour, I decided that it was just too cold for Ledger to be outside anymore, so we left before Santa showed up at the end of the parade.  Oh well.  At least we'll be better prepared next year!


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  1. You had one busy day! In a few years Ledger will be helping his Dad and uncles...Love you!