Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another Weekend Update

This was one of those really good, not too busy weekends.  Friday night, Grammie and Grandpa Michel invited us over for home-cooked pot roast -- one of Chris' favorite meals.  The food was good.  The company was better!  On Saturday morning, we drove to Beloit for Ledger's 6 month photo session with Stephanie Meier.  She took his 3-week photos and they turned out amazing.  When we arrived, Ledger was very cooperative and smiled a lot.  But we took a few photos outside in the chilly weather and then Ledger spit up -- after that, he wasn't too happy to pose for the paparazzi.  I am sure that Stephanie got some great photos, despite our son's lack of cooperation.  Saturday evening, the Simpsons came over and brought us dinner (Briana is a really good cook).  We spent the evening playing Scene It and Wii Fit Plus -- we really enjoyed ourselves.  You can tell we're really getting old because by 10pm, we were all ready for bed!  :)  Sunday we had our traditional lunch with the Michels and then came home to watch the Chiefs football game.  Oma and Papa Hensley came over for a little while in the afternoon to visit Ledger.

Overall, it was a nice slow weekend.  We will have a busy week getting our house ready to host the Michel family for Thanksgiving.  I can't believe the holidays are nearly here!

Here are some pictures of Ledger from the weekend:


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  1. I luv those photos with the sunglasses! :) Hello, Hollywood! Isn't he precious?