Monday, November 2, 2009

Ledger's First Football Game

This weekend was another very busy weekend for the Michel family.  We spent the weekend with BoomMa and BoomPa Powell in Oklahoma.  On Saturday, we met the Perkins' in Norman to watch the OU vs. K-State football game.  BoomMa put together an amazing tailgate spread before the game.  Our family was truly a family divided.  The Perkins and I dressed in KSU purple.  The Powells and Chris and Ledger dressed in OU crimson (Chris cheered for KSU the whole time though).  We all walked through campus to see the beautiful Mums in the Oval and then walked through the craziness of Campus Corner.  We finally got to the stadium about an hour before kickoff.  Thank goodness we arrived early because our seats were in the 2nd row from the very top of the stadium and we had to walk up about a zillion ramps to get up there.  Mommy was very tired from carrying Ledger in that sling!!  The game started off looking like the Sooners were going to blow out the Cats... but in the 3rd and 4th quarters, the Wildcats made it a game pulling to within 5 points of the Sooners.  K-State lost, but it was a good game and a great game-day experience!  I'm posting some pictures below.

BoomMa and BoomPa Powell in their custom-made BOOM BABY t-shirts!

Daddy and Ledger in their OU gear.

Ledger with the Perkins' in their KSU gear.

Ledger and Mommy near the 'Mums in the Oval.
Mommy had to take off her purple sweatshirt because it was so hot (but I wore purple, I swear!).

Once the sun went down, it started to cool off.


Ledger did great through the whole game.  None of the loud fireworks or crowd noise seemed to upset him. Once he started getting tired, he had a lot of people trying to entertain him to keep him happy.

He finally did fall asleep though and slept through most of the 3rd and 4th quarters.  He really did wonderful at the game!  And luckily for Mommy, the walk back down the ramps at the end of the game were much easier than walking up! :)  We got back to Broken Arrow around 1:30 a.m. and we all crashed.  What an exhausting day!

On Sunday, we met Donna and Peyton and Carson for lunch.  It was Ledger's first time meeting his Oklahoma cousins!  Peyton was so great with Ledger and wanted to hold him and kept asking questions about him.  It was really awesome.  It was so great to see everybody.  Here are some pics of the boys together.


Overall, we had a wonderful weekend.  We're exhausted, but it was worth it.


  1. I've started to notice that I say "we're tired, but it was worth it" a lot. Maybe that should be our family motto?!

  2. What a wonderful time we had! I love all the photos you posted here and I know there must be more to see later...we are a photo taking family, that's for sure! Love and miss you all, Boom-ma and Boom-pa

  3. Great photos. I love the custom made t-Shirts, but you better have worn purple Kendell!!!!!:) We are okies, yet bleed purple too.