Friday, October 30, 2009

Costume Crazy

So today was the big day... the debut of the Halloween costumes.  Chris has been piecing together his Jack Sparrow costume since June (and maybe earlier).  He loves putting together a very authentic costume.  To go along with Daddy, Ledger dressed as a pirate too.  Pictures are below.

Chris (left) and Captain Jack (right).
As you can tell, his costume is pretty authentic.

Chris' costume, full-length.

Captain Chris' little deck-hand, Ledgaaaaargh.



  1. Good lord...I would have loved to see Chris in person and see all the details! What a pair! Great photos Kendell!

  2. Loved the costumes! :) I already went to Walgreens last night to pick up copies! Ledger looked so cute! (of course) Christopher, I was really impressed with your costume - it is awesome. Love you! Wish you were here for Halloweeeeeeeen!

  3. Those two look awesome! I love the costumes and Chris went and outdid himself again! And he had the coolest first mate of all time : )