Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blog Crazy

This weekend I've been a little blog crazy! We've had a very lazy weekend at home, which has afforded us some extra time hanging out with our favorite little man -- which has resulted in a lot of extra pictures and video. Here are 2 cute videos from this weekend. He is being very vocal and has suddenly remembered how to blow raspberries and spit everywhere.

On Sunday, we made time to visit Chris' grandparents in their nursing home in Marquette. Neither of them are in very good health, so it is important that we try to visit often -- seeing Ledger really brightened their spirits. Grandpa just kept commenting on how happy he was and grandma was pretty mesmerized by his big blue eyes. Here are some pictures of him with his great-grandparents.

And I'm just including this photo because I thought it was funny. :) Ledger with "the king".

If you haven't checked out the blog this weekend, make sure you look at all of the other posts to see what we've been up to. :)


  1. I have laughed and laughed at the videos - how special! Thanks again for going to Marquette. I know the folks loved seeing all of you, especially Ledger. I have already ordered prints of your pics for all my family! Love you!

  2. Who knew Ledger would run into Elvis! Sounds like you had a good weekend...hope your week is good too.

  3. Ledger is getting so big, I love the video. Where is your 5 things you love post? The blog has to be a little bit about you!!