Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ledger's Turn

I wrote an entire post yesterday all about Mommy and Daddy's trip to Tulsa. So today I will post a little update on some of the fun little things that Ledger is up to.

1. Grunting -- Ledger started out grunting when he was trying to poop, which his Dad and I found hilarious! Now Ledger grunts quite a bit. I think he just likes the attention it gets him. And he's gotten better at it -- now he can grunt loudly for about 10 minutes straight. Here is a little video clip of him grunting. :)

2. Eating (sorta) -- This week we are trying baby food carrots. He doesn't seem to hate them as much as the rice cereal. We've only tried it a few times, but when I fed him this morning, he definitely swallowed more of the food. There were only a few drops on his bib this time. I don't have pictures of this yet, but will post some soon. The orange carrots all over his face is a pretty adorable little site.

3. Jumping -- After months of using his jumparoo, Ledger has finally learned how to JUMP in it. He really gets his little feet working and thinks it's pretty funny. This is a video of him jumping around. It's a little long, but I think his little faces are just priceless.

4. Fake Cough -- Ledger is now using his fake cough noise very frequently. It is quite amusing. Apparently he thinks it's amusing too.

5. Holding his head up -- Ledger does not know how to relax his neck. When he is layin on his back, he will hold his head off of the ground. It is hard to photograph, but those of you who have been around him lately know what I'm talking about.

Despite the occasional teething fussiness, he continues to be the sweetest baby with lots of smiles and cuddles to share!


  1. Oh how I love that fake cough sound (Jordan use to do that, too), it brings back great memories! I'm so looking forward to all of Ledger's "new" sounds and activities...Boom-pa will love the grunt for sure! (Me too, but no one needs to know that, though...ha!) Thanks for the videos...great stuff!

  2. Can I just say how adorable my little nephew is and how much I want to kiss and hug him. :( I am so sad that he will be walking by time I get to see him again. I think someone needs to come visit Seattle. ;)

  3. Carrots. Beware that the week you do carrots they will start to turn orange. I am serious. So if your doing pictures that week choose a different food to introduce. My kids loved carrots and the week we feed them only one food for introduction all week they both had a tint of orange to them. So maybe next week would be a great week since it is Halloween. Ha. Im impressed that you started with the oranges first too. I wonder how he will do with the greens.