Friday, October 16, 2009

Flu Fears Have Subsided

OK, OK... so I got a little freaked out about the flu thing. After "sleeping on it", I realized I didn't need to panic about it, I just need to be sure that we are practicing standard hand hygiene and try to keep people from touching Ledger's hands.

Oh, and Chris was feeling much better after a good night of sleep. Thank you to everyone who inquired about his health. :)

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  1. Missed your update on last post...I'm glad to hear that Chris, so far, hasn't got the H1N1! Hope he is feeling better now, poor guy. And I'm glad you are feeling better about this issue. (Last few years we have gotten sick after being with a little guy who will be's impossible to turn down a hug and kiss when you know in a few years it won't be offered!) I've even got Boom-pa using a great hand sanitizer I found!