Thursday, October 29, 2009


Our little pumpkin...

As you know, our family won't be home on Halloween.  I am a little disappointed that we're going to miss trick-or-treaters... especially when our friends bring their kids over to our house to show us their costumes.  Tonight we had a big surprise when the Murdock family trick-or-treated at our house.  Nash dressed as Angus Young and Brandon dressed like Brian Johnson from AC/DC -- Chris' favorite band.  Hollis was dressed up like the family dog (Roadie) and Heather was dressed like a dog-catcher.  The Murdocks always have creative costumes.  While they were here, we took Hollis out of her costume and put her in our "baby pumpkin" and took pictures.  It was so much fun to have the babies together  Hollis is almost 9 months old -- Ledger likes the "older" women.  We took lots of fun pictures.  I am posting a few of them below.

 Hollis and Ledger together.

Hollis in the pumpkin suit.

Nash and Ledger.  Nash is so good with babies!

Nash smooching his li'l sis.

An armful of baby.


  1. Okay, funny thing. I was just scrolling through the pictures first before reading anything and on the second picture I had to take a double take and go wait....that is not Ledger. Is it? ha Funny. So cute. I love babies and pumpkins.

  2. You're right... that is not Ledger. I've labeled them to avoid confusion. The two naked babies together was just SO cute!!!

  3. These pics are adorable! Of course, Ledger is the cutest "pumpkin"! :)

  4. I sure was glad to hear that Brandy did a "double-take" too on the pumpkin baby pics. I was so confused - where is our Ledger? I even switched to the Michel Blog before I went further as I knew KJ would say who that "other" baby was. She didn't until the next day! How cute they are! :)