Thursday, October 15, 2009

Flu Fears

So the H1N1 flu has officially interfered with our family sphere. Yesterday, we found out that some close family friends (a family of 4 -- including 2 kids) of ours as well as my 12-year old cousin have tested positive for Influenza type A. The doctors are no longer testing for H1N1 unless someone is hospitalized, but if they test positive for Type A we assume it's probably H1N1 since it's really too early for traditional seasonal flu. So it is officially scary now.

I'm worried about Ledger coming down with the flu. I'm getting worried about taking Ledger out of the house.... especially when people that we know are being affected. Of course, I am a smart person. I am washing my hands and using germ-x constantly. I always get my seasonal flu vaccine, and I will get the seasonal and H1N1 vaccines when they become readily available. I will drag my husband to the doctor's office to get his vaccinations too. And as soon as Ledger can get vaccinated, he will. But, in the mean time, I'm still scared.

UPDATE: Literally, as I was writing this blog entry, my husband announces that he can "feel" that he's getting sick and went to bed early. Hopefully this is just the normal crap he gets every school year and not something worse. :(


  1. Hopefully, we won't have much longer to wait before we can get the H1N1 vaccine for ourselves. (We've already got the seasonal flu shot...Yay!) Sorry to hear about your friends and family!

  2. You know how it is bothering me too since you had a great comment on my post. H1N1 flu hits hard fast, so if it is H1N1 then he will be fully sick in 24 hours and you will know what by tomorrow. Also if Ledger gets it you have 48 hours from the first symptoms to get the Tamiflu in him and it really eases things up from what I hear. I don't think they do the Tamyflu right away for adults, but they do for young kids. We know a couple of babies that did that. We can get the vaccine starting next week here and our state is getting hit hard with H1N1. We are going to get the shots too.

  3. I'm just now reading this at Jaime's - who has N1H1?? I don't blame you for being scared - I'm scared, too. Ledger can get his shot when he's 6 mos? I'll call when we get home. Love you all!