Monday, October 5, 2009

Ledger's Log: 5 Months Old!

Today, Ledger is 5 months old! He is very big now. Here is what little Ledger has achieved in the last month:
  • Ledger is too tall for most of his 3-6 month footie pajamas and we have to put him in the 6-month footies.
  • We pretty much skipped size 2 diapers and went right into size 3s. This means I have an entire box of size 2 diapers that I will be donating to some lucky mommy. :)
  • Ledger is SO close to sitting up on his own. He only needs a little support and he will sit and play for quite a while. In the picture on the right, I am just barely supporting him with my foot -- otherwise he is sitting on his own! He also loves tummy time and has recently started pulling his little knees up under his tummy in a pre-crawl position.
  • Contrary to what all of the "experts" say, Ledger's sleeping schedule has actually regressed. We're still working on it. Currently, he prefers sleeping on his side. Music seems to help him get to sleep a little better.
  • Ledger's hands are all over the place. He reaches for toys (or whatever he is interested in) and brings it straight to his mouth. He can even move items from one hand to the other.
Next month, the 6-month mark is a big milestone. We will slowly start on solids next month -- hopefully that will help some with his sleeping. We also change our child care situation in November, with Ledger moving to a "babies only" child care instead of being home with Darlene. I am very sad about the change and wish we could convince Darlene to stay!

As always, there were just too many good photos of our little baby. So I'm including some bonus pictures of him. :) Thanks to aunt Emily for our "1st Halloween" onesie. Since his 5 month birthday is in October, we thought it was fitting.


  1. Congratulations Ledger! You're one big boy making great progress! We love you, Boompa and Boomma

  2. It's crazy to believe that it's been 5 months already.

  3. Getting SOOOO big. Love the shirt too.

  4. Love the shirt! He is so handsome and so big! He looks so alert and happy! I can't wait to see him! Halloween can't come fast enough! I love you guys!

  5. Oh how I love reading about baby Ledger and all the new things that he is doing! I look forward to checking this site every day! He is such a precious little boy (and I'm not at all prejudiced!)

  6. He looks so happy and excited! Plus, I love that shirt : )