Tuesday, October 13, 2009

5 Things I Love... But I Shouldn't

1. My Laptop: I really hate how attached to my laptop I am. Most every night, after Ledger goes to bed, Chris and I sit on the couch using our respective laptops. It is pathetic and sad, but I love my stinkin' laptop.

2. Craiglist: If I lived in a larger city, like KC or Tulsa, I would be seriously broke. Seriously. I am completely addicted to finding used baby stuff. We do have a Salina craigslist, but it's new and totally lame. But that didn't stop me from buying a high chair on the Salina craigslist just this week.

3. Naps: I love to nap. Any time of the day, in any weather. My ideal nap is a cold/rainy Sunday afternoon, cuddled up with Ledger, Chris, and Barkley. But I'll take any nap I can get.

4. KC Chiefs: They haven't been a winning team in a really long time... but that doesn't stop me from getting dressed up in my red and yellow game gear every Sunday. I wasn't a Chiefs fan before dating Chris, but now I really love rooting for the underdog team.

5. Icees: Everyone else had a food product on their list, so here is mine. I absolutely crave Coke icees. I've always loved them. My first email address (when I was 17) was icee1@hotmail.com. I had one of those huge light-up icee things that you used to see in convienience stores as my "night light" in my vet school cubicle. I have a 64-ounce mug that, more often than not, is filled with icee daily. Yup....

Ahhh... what a sad little list. :)