Sunday, November 29, 2009

2 Thanksgivings!

This year we were blessed to have 2 wonderful Thanksgiving celebrations.  To see all of our Thanksgiving pictures, go here.

Thanksgiving #1 was here in Salina with the Young family.  We hosted the lunch at our house, since we have a lot of room, but didn't have to cook anything (yay!).  It was really great to have the whole family together!  Our house was full and loud and busy -- just like a good family gathering should be!  Ledger hasn't seen much of this family since he was a month old, so it was really fun to show off how much he has grown and changed.  We had a full spread of food, including turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, and Sweedish meatballs (Chris' favorite). 

Ledger with his Colorado cousins:
Brady, Chase, and Connor (left-to-right)

So after stuffing ourselves full of food, we packed our bags and got in the car to drive to Tulsa for Thanksgiving #2.  We arrived late, but the Powell family was willing to wait for us!  We sat down for a late Thanksgiving dinner at 8pm -- more excellent turkey, stuffing, twice-baked potatoes, and fabulous pumpkin pie and coconut cream pie!!  It was such a great day and we really enjoyed getting to be with our family for the holidays.


In keeping with tradition, Chris and I woke up at 4 a.m. and hit Wal-mart for "Black Friday" shopping.  We found some great deals and always enjoy the crazy chaos of the biggest shopping day of the year.  Afterwards, we came home to eat breakfast (pumpkin pancakes!) and take a little nap.  Then we packed up Ledger and drove to Muskogee to visit the Hensley family.  Ledger had never met his Great-Granny Mone or his Uncle Buddy.  It was really fun to see them all together!

We spent the rest of the weekend enjoying our time with the Powell family.  We played a lot of cards and watched the OU vs OSU football game (Sooners win!).  It was a really enjoyable weekend.  Ledger really loved spending time with his Aunt Emily and Uncle Josh and BoomMa and BoomPa Powell. 

Really, this was a great holiday -- we spent a little time with ALL of our families.  Perfect.

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  1. Great pictures! I love the ones with Granny of course ;) The shirt he is wearing looks familiar too ;) You look beautiful.