Thursday, November 12, 2009

We've Been Shot

Despite the controversy, Ledger had his H1N1 flu shot today.  Our county health department had a free clinic for priority groups, including children 6 months and up, so Ledger finally qualifies.  I know a lot of people are nervous about the flu vaccine, but I am a believer in vaccinations.  The little man took his shots like a champ -- he just barely fussed.  He'll have to get a 2nd dose of the vaccine in 4 weeks, and hopefully Chris and I can get our vaccines at that time too.

And if you're wondering why I used this picture... it's because I thought it was cute.  And isn't it AMAZING that he can get his feet in his mouth!?


  1. Toes in mouth...that's limber. Hope the stiffy-gene doesn't kick in, and you know where he might get that from (inside joke)! I bet it was a relief to get the H1N1 series started. And he took it like the champ, he is! Love you!

  2. WOW! I am glad the first part of the H1N1 is over! I ended up with Pat at the doc's office, so glad I hadn't committed to having Ledger. Give him a kiss from his Grammie.