Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Iron Trap

We have continued to slowly start Ledger on solid baby foods.  He did well with carrots and then his willingness to eat declined as we tried squash, then peas, then green beans.  His mouth has become the "iron trap".  When he doesn't want to eat, he just clamps his lips and jaws shut and won't open them for anything.  I decided to try to bribe him to open his mouth by giving him a little applesauce.  But no!  He wouldn't eat that either.  He also wouldn't swallow down his baby Tylenol on his vaccination day.  He doesn't want us to feed him anything!

But we're not giving up.

We're continue to try to feed him.  This week, we are going to feed him at every evening meal.  Hopefully he'll just eventually give up and open his mouth.  But for now, we're going to wrestle the food in him one way or another.  Here is a picture of tonight's attempt with green beans.  Notice that he has them all over his face (including his forehead) and bib but not too much in his mouth!


  1. I saw first hand what you mean by the "iron trap"! He just doesn't want anything that doesn't come from his mommy! Just keep trying and he will eventually figure it out! Love you! He's still adorable, even with green beans on his face! :)

  2. Hey, you said Ledger in the beginning ate carrots, will he still eat carrots? My mom told me once, that she found I loved peaches as a baby (still do)! And if she would mix peaches in other foods, I'd eat nearly anything...You'll figure out some tricks so don't get too frustrated. I agree with Grammie Pam...Ledger still looks adorable with green beans dotted on his face!! Enjoy your day!

  3. What a darn cute kid! Thanks for stopping by my blog! He'll start eating. It just takes time. ;)