Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ledger the Entertainer

Our little man LOVES to perform and make us laugh.  I definitely want to share some of that with you -- his family! :)

First, Ledger can identify his NOSE and MOUTH -- but when he points to his nose, he puts his finger right up into his nostril.  And when he shows you his mouth, he bites his own finger.  This always keeps Mommy and Daddy laughing!

Second, Ledger is now infatuated with pets.  Whenever he sees a cat, he loudly says "MEOW".  And everytime he hears Jacye barking outside, he says "SAYSCEEE".  And if you ask him what noise Jayce makes, he says "Woof, Woof".  If you ask him what noise Barkley makes he says "Rooo Roo Roo". 

I know I've already posted photos of Ledger wearing Daddy's shoes around the house.  Well, today he put on Mommy's dress heels and walked around the living room in those.  I think that he walks better in heels than I do!! :)  I sure do love this kid!


  1. Did he get a haircut? I think you should show mouth before nose instead of vice versa. lol
    Cute Cute cute!

  2. Precious! We love that boy! :)