Monday, January 17, 2011

Snow Day

It finally snowed here last week, but because of a very busy week, we weren't able to take Ledger out to experience the snow.  I finally took him out on Sunday, but I couldn't find his gloves... so it didn't last very long.  Next year we'll make sure to buy him a snowsuit so that we can go out and enjoy the winter weather.


  1. Brrr~ I don't think he cared for the cold snow on his hands. Otherwise, it looks like he liked it! Luv his little hat! :)

  2. Man I wish we had snow. If or when we live closer or I will send them to you, we have about 5 different sized snow suits and a million gloves. Why? I don't know since we NEVER get snow. ha I think Im just a sucker for skiing and want to go so bad. When we move to KC we are totally taking the boys to snow creek. Can you see our boys and Ledger skiing. Look out. A bunch of wild boys on the slopes.
    Thanks for all your posts. I love them!