Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What a Weekend!

This past weekend started out with a big surprise... I surprised Chris with a hot tub on Friday.  Jarod and Shawn and I borrowed a truck from Buddy and a trailer from a friend-of-a-friend and drove to Manhattan to pick up the tub.  We then had to remove the fence at home, move the hot tub into the back yard and return the borrowed truck and trailer, all before Chris came home from work at 4:00.  He was really surprised -- too stunned to really react.  After the big "reveal", Shawn, Jarod, and Briana came over to grill burgers and move the tub up onto the deck.  Our evening got cut short when Jarod had to head off to work and I suddenly started feeling sick.

By Saturday morning I was feeling quite a bit better.  We headed to Lindsborg in the morning to hang out with Oma and Dooda and Emily and Josh.  We played the Michael Jackson Experience on Wii and had SO much fun.  It is quite a work out!  I took some videos, but they didn't turn out the way I wanted them to.  Ledger danced a little bit with Mommy and Daddy but really enjoyed RUNNING on the back deck and enjoying the incredible weather -- with temps reaching 70*F on Saturday!  After an afternoon nap, we had steak dinner together and put Ledger to bed in Lindsborg.  And then we played pegs & jokers until after 11pm!  (The girls' team had a winning night!)

On Sunday, we ate lunch with Grammie and Grandpa before heading back to Lindsborg to continue day #2 of games and competition.  A marathon session of Crazy Bee Rummy ended up with ME winning!  Woohoo!!  Ledger loved playing in Dooda's truck whenever he could convince someone to take him outside!

It was a great weekend! Busy and full, but we all left with smiles on our faces!


  1. (Oops, can't type in the dark!) Great photos but really love the one of Uncle Josh and Ledger having a serious talk, or so it looks like ...lol! Glad you had a great weekend and feeling better Mommy Michel! Love you all, Boomma

  2. Ledge looks like he is having such a great time! So does everyone else, too! :) So special to be with family & friends!

  3. Looks like a fun weekend! Can't wait until we live closer. What was the big surprise for? I know I have June on the Calendar for his birthday. Nice surprise though. My husband will be bummed in two weeks on his birthday when all he gets is a duffle bag after reading this. ha :)