Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our Caribbean Cruise: Day 1-4

For spring break, Chris and I drove 750 miles to Galveston, Texas and took a cruise through the Caribbean on the Carnival Conquest.  I had prepared to write big, long, daily posts about everything.  Instead, I'm going to give brief summaries and lots of pictures. :)

Day 1: Embarkation
Our ship was delayed almost 2 hours getting into port due to fog.  Since we arrived early to try to beat the lines,  we ended up sitting in a holding pen for a couple of hours before we were able to get on the ship.  Once on board, we hit the buffet and found ourselves a nice seat to people watch and listen to the live musicians on the Lido deck.  After the standard "what to do in an emergency" spiel, we left the port around 5:00 and headed out to sea.  We ate our first dinner in the Renoir dining room and then explored the ship. Afterwards we went to the "Welcome Aboard" song and dance show.  After the show, we found lounge chairs on the Lido deck and watched the move "The Last Airbender" on the big movie screen outdoors.  At the end of the movie, Chris had a late-night burger for snack and I had a banana.  We discovered that there were certain areas of the boat that I really couldn't be in because the vibrations really increased my motion sickness. When we finally headed to bed, I crashed immediately but Chris had some difficulty sleeping.

Day 2: Fun Day at Sea
I actually woke up and hit the ship's gym.  I did 20 minutes on the treadmill, which was a challenge -- probably a combination of missing my last few workouts and motion sickness.  After showering, we headed to the breakfast buffet.  Chris ate well, but I was too nauseous to eat much more than fruit.  Then we found a pair of lounge chairs... one in the shade for Chris and one in the sun for me... where we just relaxed for a few hours.  There was a strong STRONG wind across the deck which helped keep me cool.  Unfortunately, it kept me so cool that I didn't realize how burned I was getting.  After lunch, we went back to the stateroom for a nice long nap. :)  That evening was one of the ship's formal nights, so we got dressed up for dinner in the dining room.  Unfortunately, neither Chris or I are adventurous enough to try any of the exotic foods -- we had prime rib and chicken.  I still couldn't eat.  We went to see the comedian, Mutzie.  He was OK, but not great.  The cruise entertainers did a song and dance show called "Voila Paris" which involved some crazy sets and costumes.  The show was pretty good, but there was a lot of rockin and rollin' on the boat, so I was having trouble enjoying the show because I was concentrating on not puking.  That evening, we went to enjoy the outdoor movie theater again and watched Iron Man 2.  Unfortunately, I just couldn't make it all the way through the movie and finally had to go back to the room to sleep away my motion sickness.

Day 3: Fun Day at Sea
Chris woke up with increased respiratory symptoms and a very red left eye.  He wasn't feeling great and I was feeling super sunburned, so we both wanted to just lay low for the day.  I finally bit the bullet and decided to add a second transdermal motion sickness patch to try to get a grip on my nausea.  When Chris still had a red eye at the end of the day, we went to the ship's medical center to get some over-the-counter eye drops.  It was an early evening for us.

Day 4: Montego Bay, Jamaica
Chris woke up with super pink eye.  We made the decision to see the doctor as soon as the medical center opened.  So while most of our shipmates were getting off the ship to venture into Jamaica, we were sitting in the doctor's waiting room.  Chris was officially diagnosed with pink eye and placed on ophthalmic antibiotics. Since we hadn't planned an excursion on Jamaica, we only ventured onto land to check out the shops in the Mo Bay cruise terminal.  For the rest of the day, we took advantage of having an empty boat at our disposal. We did a video tour of the boat, enjoyed some live music, and relaxed in peace.

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  1. Love your knew haircut Kendell! Despite all the physical ailments, at least you had some good food, entertainment and R&R...hope you both feel refreshed!