Sunday, March 13, 2011

That SNOW Joke

(Did you understand my headline... That's no joke...  Get it??)

I posted pictures taken yesterday where Ledger and I went to play at the park because the weather was so beautiful... 60 degrees and sunny.  Today, the temperatures dropped into the 30s and it rained, sleeted, and then began to snow.  Big, beautiful, wet, sticky snowflakes.  It's coming down fast and hard outside... we have accumulated 3-4 inches in just 3-4 hours.  Chris and I enjoyed the snow by sitting in our hot tub and watching the flakes fall.  Unfortunately, the snow didn't really start until after Ledger's bed time, but if there is still snow on the ground in the morning, we are going to get out there and enjoy the (hopefully) last snow of the season! :)  And, in case you're wondering, it is supposed to get into the 70s on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  That's what Kansas springs are all about.


  1. Pretty snow pictures, however I'm glad it hasn't snowed here! Enjoy the last snow romp with you, Millie

  2. Ah, fun! We want snow or warm warm. Tired of the in between.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful snow pictures. And it was totally beautiful coming down. Weird that today it is in the 70's. Is Spring really coming?