Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Eggs!

We had a great Easter celebration this weekend!  This morning, we attended Ledger's first ever Easter Egg hunt at the Salina Country Club (thanks to Judy and Phil Mitchell for inviting us).  There were eggs and pieces of candy all over the ground and Ledger loved zeroing in on the dum-dums and hoarding those in his basket.  Mommy and Daddy really had to work to encourage him to pick up some eggs.  But by the end, he got a basket-full of loot courtesy of the Easter bunny.

In the evening, Grammie and Grandpa Michel planned an egg hunt in their front yard.  Again, he needed quite a bit of prodding to gather his eggs and candy into his basket.  Luckily for him, he had his whole family there for encouragement.  Uncle V carried his Easter basket while Grammie helped point out some of the "hidden" eggs.  A few of the special eggs were decorated like sports balls, which prompted Ledger to throw them across the yard -- he was especially thrilled when they broke open and revealed their prize!


  1. What fun it was to watch Ledger hunt for those eggs! He did a great job! Happy Easter all!

  2. Have I mention how much I love his bog boy haircut?!!! Looks like he had a great Easter.