Monday, April 11, 2011

We Love Spring!

This weekend we spent some time working in the yard.  I am most proud of our new mailbox rock garden that we put in place to fix the area that was torn up last year to replace our water meter.  Hopefully, we will soon plant something other than rocks in this area.  We also set all of the posts for the fence repair we are hoping to complete soon.  We'll nail in the stringers this week. I'm very happy with how things are coming along.  As you other mommies know, it can be really difficult to get any work done while you're trying to keep track of a very busy toddler!
All of the new fence posts are set.
Our new mailbox rock garden.

Ledger absolutely LOVES being outside. And the weather has been so beautiful, I really can't keep him in. :)

Doodah's truck!!

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  1. Wow you guys have really been busy. Your rock garden around the mail box is great! Very nice. Loved the pictures with Ledger and the football. Dodah says you must have found the football in the back of "Dodah's truck!" Dodah was planning to give it to Ledger anyway.