Monday, August 29, 2011

The BIG News

We're Pregnant!

July 14, 2011:  I had a positive pregnancy test this morning, but the line is SO faint that it's hard to tell if I am imagining it or if it is real.  Chris is out of town in Hays for his summer classes so I text him a picture of the test to see if he thinks there are two lines or not.  He thinks there are two lines too.  Can you see it two lines?   That night, we went to the midnight premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II.  I think it's ironic our first child shares Harry Potter's middle name and we find out we're pregnant with our second child on the same day as the premier of the last Harry Potter movie.

July 15, 2011: To avoid further "what-if" moments, we take a digital pregnancy test.  It results in less ambiguity.  I'm having a little trouble believing that I'm pregnant.  With Ledger, I "felt" pregnant from the first day of my positive test.  This time, I'm not really having any pregnancy symptoms, yet.

Now: No need to worry now. I've been ridiculously nauseous for the last four weeks.  I'm so tired that I feel like I've been hit by a bus.  It seems like my worst time of day is from 4pm-8pm, which is also the busiest time of day when I'm trying to get work wrapped up, get home, get dinner served, and spend some quality time with Ledger and Daddy.  Unfortunately, my quality time has been severely limited.

I have already had my first doctor's appointment and saw our little "blinking bean" on ultrasound.  The doctor prescribed me an anti-nausea medication, but it hasn't helped that much.  My prenatal vitamins have been adding to the nausea -- especially the DHA (fish oil) pills.  Yuck!  Fortunately, I found some awesome gummy prenatal vitamins that actually taste good and have made it easier to get those important vitamins down.

For the concrete stuff, our predicted due date is March 27th which makes me 9... ALMOST 10 weeks along.  (Which means that I have 3-5 weeks of morning sickness to get through.  Blah.)  I have promised myself I will do a better job of blogging about this pregnancy -- more for my own recollection than to keep you entertained.  So bear with me the next 7 months.  :)


  1. Good to see that you have finally blogged about little whosit, because the baby news has spread like wild fire around here (I might of had something to do about that)! We love it when you blog so blog, blog, blog... We hope you keep that promise! :) We are excited for you and wish you a NO nausea next few weeks! We love you and miss you, boom-ma and boom-pa (Give Ledger a hug for us!)

  2. Thanks for the post, KJ! Love reading about what's happening even though we're here in Salina with you. It is sooooo exciting to know that another little Michel is on the way. I told Mom yesterday that she can tell it now and she was so excited to tell her friends! :) YEA!

  3. Yea we gave up on the line tests on kid # 2 when we could not tell. I wish Costco sold pregnancy tests in bulk. ha
    As you know IM SO EXCITED! All 3 of us girls will have babies with-in a year of each other :) Hope you start feeling better soon. Not fun, not fun. Love you