Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hot Springs Vacay

At the end of July, we took a Powell family vacation to Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.  Dad and Millie rented a spectacular lakeside condo for us all to share.  We arrived on Friday afternoon and Josh quickly tried out our dock on Lake DeSoto for fishing.  Ledger was very interested in the rubber worms that Uncle Josh used for bait, but wasn't quite brave enough to touch them.

On Friday, we rented a pontoon boat and went cruising on Lake Balboa.  We thought Ledger would want to tube, but he cried when he was out there.  So Chris and Ledger challenged us to take them on a "big boy" ride.  Well, we tried, but the pontoon boat tops out at about 20 mph, which makes it nearly impossible to have a thrilling tube ride.  So the boys spiced it up a bit on their own.
The lake was super warm -- like bath water.  We all enjoyed cruising around the lake and checking out the multi-million dollar mansions on the lake front.  For lunch, we anchored the boat at a little uninhabited island and floated together in the warm water.  We ate sandwiches from the cooler and had a awesome time.  On the way back to the dock, Ledger fell asleep on BoomMa.

On Saturday, BoomPa and Josh got up and went to play golf.  BoomMa, Emmy, and the Michels all got dressed in our swim gear and headed to the pool.  We swam for a couple of hours and then met up with the golfers for lunch at a local pizza joint.  The food was spectacular.  I'd recommend it, but it was scheduled for closure in 1 week.  Go figure.  We had a family nap time followed by family dinner and an overall fantastic last full day of vacation.


  1. What a great time and this is the perfect post showing it! Miss you guys, love, Boom-Ma

  2. I know that the entire Powell family had a great time in Arkansas. Good memories were made, I'm sure!