Monday, January 16, 2012

Kinley's Baptism

Kinley wearing her Mommy's handmade baptismal gown.

On Sunday, our family celebrated Kinley's baptism at Messiah Lutheran Church in Lindsborg.  We had a good turnout of family with Josh's family coming from Kansas City.  Josh's brother: Brad, Brandy, and I were all named as Kinley's baptism sponsors.  Kinley did great through the service, including having the pastor hold her through his entire sermon.  She didn't cry or fuss at all -- even with the water and oil placed on her head.  We were all very proud!  Chris and I were also very proud of how well Ledger did through the church service.  In one particularly funny moment when the choir had just finished performing their solo song, Ledger loudly said "Good Job!".

After the service, we had a family lunch at Oma's house.  Ledger loved getting to play with his big cousins - Ethan, Olivia, Isaac, and Faith.  Food was good, but hanging out with family was GREAT!  Congratulations Kinley, we are proud of you.
Ledger sitting with the big kids!

Michels - Hensleys - Perkins'

Michels - Powells - Perkins'
In another fun moment... Josh's dad, Don, passed the fantasy football trophy on to the new champions, The Kauai Roosters -- BoomMa and BoomPa Powell. :)


  1. This is a great post Kendell! We're thankful we were a part of this memorable weekend...good times!

    (Ledger was such a good boy during the service.)
    Love and miss you all, BoomPa and BoomMa

  2. Awe, so wish we could have been there. We will have to do a replay for big Bro this summer. Thanks for blogging it all.