Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Year Nesting

Since the new year, I have really felt the "need" to nest and get things organized.  With the baby on the way and the chaos that Christmas inevitably brings to our house, we really needed to buckle down and make some changes.  It started with a complete toy box overhaul last week -- out with the old and in with the new!  And I rearranged the furniture in the basement to create a play area for Ledger.  I was so inspired by a good start, that I actually agreed to buy some rubbermaid storage containers and cube containers for the playroom.  (That's a big deal for me, because I hate spending money on stuff like that.)

This weekend we really kicked it up a notch by recruiting our visiting family to help with some of the never-ending projects around the house.  Chris and Josh assembled two massive shelving units to help create some usable storage in our garage.  Dad and Chris installed an updated light fixture in the basement living room (and of course this turned into a bigger project than expected).  Thank you so much to my family for allowing us to turn every family gathering into a work weekend! :)

BoomMa probably had the most important job -- cuddling with Kinley.

Emily, Josh, and Ledger working on shelving for the garage.

Ledger, Josh, and Chris assembling.

BoomPa and Ledger working with POWER TOOLS.

Emily's primary project was to install  a sports-themed light switch in Ledger's room.

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  1. Dang, I didn't get to see the garage after the new shelves were installed. Wish every week would end with the family together! Thanks again for a wonderful time, love you all!