Sunday, February 5, 2012

Another Too-Short Weekend...

This weekend we traveled to Oklahoma to enjoy some family time with the Powell and Perkins families.  Josh, Chris, and BoomPa got going early on Saturday morning to go to the shooting range and try to fire some guns.  It was Chris' first time and everyone said he did great!  We have pictures to prove it!  Saturday noon, we met up with family for a pizza lunch together.  Ledger really enjoyed his cousin Peyton.  Saturday night, we had a family dinner at a local Mexican restaurant to celebrate BoomMa and BoomPa's birthdays.  But most importantly, we really enjoyed spending time together as a family.  As always, the weekend was WAY too short and we look forward to spending time together again soon.  I'll let the pictures do the talking...
Ledger couldn't wait to get up and see his family on Saturday morning!

Check out that shot!

We're still working on using the potty chair.
He really liked bringing it into the living room and "performing" for an audience.

Is there anything in there?

Ledger's version of "planking"

Kinley is happy!

BoomMa with her 2 grandkids.

Ledger "helping" feed Kinley.

Ledger and Peyton have some cousin bonding time.


  1. Fun times! I love the last picture of him on the drums. EMILY CHOPPED HER HAIR?

  2. Love Ledger's hair in the last two photos! He is getting so darn big! What a cutie! Looks like he was a big help with Kinley! :)