Sunday, March 11, 2012

Basketball Buddies

Ledger is REALLY into basketball right now.  We've been going to watch Ethan play his high school games and he just loves it.  At home, we have two basketballs and a little basketball goal in the basement that he loves to play with.  But, if we're not in the basement... any ball will do (he is currently using a plastic golf ball in the living room).  Or if we don't have a ball, he will just air dribble and shoot.  He especially loves it when we will play with him -- but only if he gets to be Ethan and whoever is playing with him is his teammate, Justin.  Yes, the "real" Ethan really does have two teammates named Justin.  I guess he just picked that up by listening to the announcer at the game?  Now that Ethan's basketball season is officially over with, I don't know what we'll do with ourselves.  Let's hope that Isaac's baseball team starts soon!
Faith usually finds a way to keep Ledger entertained during the games.

Family photo!  Soon to be a family of four.

Ledger with Oma cheering on the cougars.

Isaac is SO good with Ledger.

Running on the court after the game is Ledger's favorite part!

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