Friday, March 2, 2012

It's March -- the countdown is on!

It is hard to believe that it is March already!  We haven't really done anything exciting over the last few weeks because I am just too pregnant to travel or be super active.  Unfortunately, I think I wasted my nesting instinct a few months ago and now I'm into "sit on the couch" mode!

In baby news, we have made the difficult decision to schedule a c-section delivery (on March 20th) for this baby.  After some discussion with the doctor and a weight-check sono, we feel that this will be the lowest risk procedure for everyone involved.  (In case you're curious, the baby is measuring about a week bigger than expected and his estimated weight is currently 6 and 1/2 pounds.)  I am relieved to have a decision made and a date to plan around, but I'm also very nervous about facing something completely new.

Also, I am having some second thoughts about the baby name.  We still love the name Rhodes, but a few other names have popped up on our radar in recent weeks and so now we are stuck reconsidering names.  The other top contender is Locke.  If you have suggestions, we are open to them -- but they have to meet my requirements: 1) They can't be in the top 1000 baby names, 2) It needs to work as a sibling name with Ledger (for instance: Ledger and Ridger just sounds silly) and it needs to work with our middle name "Steven", 3) We would like it to be something we can relate to personally.  So bring on the suggestions -- if you can think of any!

Ledger is still doing great.  The weather here has been surprisingly mild, so we have been out and about around town quite a bit lately.  We love going to Ethan's basketball games, playing outside when it's not too cold, and recently have fallen in love with going to the mall where there is a water fountain and kids play area.  I have gotten way behind on posting, so please allow me to catch up and post some pics! :)

We took a day trip to Manhattan a few weeks ago and  Ledger picked out this mini-light saber as his "toy" from Hastings.  It was filled with M&Ms, but he didn't care about the candy -- just his awesome toy.

He liked it so much that he fell asleep in the car on the way home still holding it in  "fighting position".

I said: "Ledger, make a funny face!"  This is what he did.

South vs. Central basketball game.  Ledger spent the whole time playing with his cousin, Faith.

Smile, boys!

At the mall play area.  He's happy "riding" in them even without spending a quarter.

Trying on hats at Target.

Boys and their bubble wrap.

The big CHEESE!

Ledger and Daddy hanging out in the hot tub.

Love the sound of that kid laughing.


  1. I still think the name "Dax" is really cool. It does go with Steven and is sounds good with Ledger. :) We are so looking forward to meeting our new grandson. Ledger will be such an awesome big brother. Love you all!

  2. I read this earlier, but on my phone so I couldn't comment. Oh Pam, I like Dax! That is a cool name. I like Locke, but I may slip and call him John though. You know I love that show. It will be fun to see whatever you choose and no matter what the name he is going to be awesome and I can't wait to meet your little guy. I have baby fever (imagine that, right?) so I can't wait to get my hands on him and Kinley! PS. Ledger is getting so big and grown up looking. I also can't wait for him to get in with his cousins. We have a Star Wars crazed house so I foresee lots of Movies, playing, Museums and boy stuff in our futures together.