Friday, July 27, 2012

Locke: 4 Months Old

It has been a busy, overwhelming month of moving and projects.  But I did manage to take pictures of Locke for his 4 month birthday (in the driveway of our NEW HOME)!  The last month has brought some subtle changes for our baby.  He is definitely bigger and has moved into 3-6 month clothes and 6 month sleepers.  We won't have an official weight on him until his doctor's appointment next week.  He is stronger and he has gained good control of his head and neck and is learning to coordinate his hands and mouth.  He will reach out and grab something and bring it to his mouth to chew.  He has recently found his feet and loves to pull his toes into his mouth. :)  Locke continues to be a bit of a mama's boy, but has significantly improved at taking a bottle from Daddy -- which makes our days at home go much more smoothly!  Locke is still sleeping in the nap nanny or swing in our bedroom and typically makes it through most nights usually from 10pm to 6 or 7am without waking up.  (Yes, I know how lucky I am.)  He currently loves his stuffed elephant teether, Mommy's blankie, and is starting to warm up to the baby Einstein jumper.  We have been to the pool at least once a week this summer and Locke does great in the water.  He doesn't really like being in the car -- especially when we're stopped.  He is laughing a lot and smiling a lot, but mostly he is busy studying the world around him with those big brown eyes.  This little man is so easy-going.  He makes us all smile.

UPDATE: At his 4 month doctor's appointment, he weighed in at 16 lb, 14 oz -- nearly 17 pounds!!  That puts him well into the 75th percentile for weight.  She also feels like he will probably be cutting teeth anytime now.  Yikes!

Morning cuddle time...

All dressed up for Papa's birthday.  I look like such a big boy!

How do I eat this elephant?  ONE BITE AT A TIME!

I love my feet!


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  1. Locke is growing and changing all the time. I love the expressions he can already make. His little face can sure tell a story. Love that kid! :) Oh, and the big brother, too!